Forestry February 2017

We are grateful for the continuing worldwide popularity of cricket! In 2016 we harvested some of the Cricket Bat Willows growing along the River Gade. New willow sets were planted to replace the felled trees in January.

Forestry January 2017

Last year we undertook the first thinning of two one hectare (2 ½ acre) of the blocks of woodland planted on arable land in 1990. This was a “line thinning”, taking out every third row of trees. We plan to do the remaining block in 2017. We are also intending to harvest some more of the mature oak trees in Big Wood. Three years ago we suffered from bad wind-throw in a sub-compartment in Big Wood and this month the fallen trees and stumps are being cleared, ready for re-planting next winter.

We are pleased to announced our Horse Park and Ride Days for 2017.  If you would like to ride around the Estate on one of these dates, please follow this link to book a place.

  • Sunday 30th April
  • Sunday 28th May
  • Sunday 25th June
  • Sunday 30th July
  • Sunday 27th August
  • Sunday 24th September – Charity Park and Ride

Charity Ride

A fantastic day was had on Sunday 25th September.  A 10 mile Charity Ride was held on the Estate to raise funds for the Gaddesden Place Riding for the Disabled and the British Horse Society.  Also on site were refreshments from Grove Farm Meats providing extremely tasty lamb burgers and the Friends of Great Gaddesden Church provided irresistible home made cakes and a PIMMS bar!  We were also pleased to welcome the following exhibitors to our event; Funky Monkey Tents, Equiformance Physio, TC Feeds & Tack Haven, Milanie, Centre of Horseback Combat, J Silk Agricultural Ltd and Clydesdale Heavy Horses.

Family Visitors

Mr and Mrs Halsey are always pleased to welcome family visitors, especially from the American branch of the family, to see the Church of St John the Baptist and the Golden Parsonage.  However, we would ask that you give as much notice as possible as due to their other commitments their diaries are often full and it is not always possible for them to be available.

Tree Thinning

This month we have undertaken tree thinning in Newlands Wood as part of our on-going woodland management.  We have removed mostly larch, with some Scots Pine and Norway Spruce.  What was previously a dark conifer wood has now been transformed into a beautiful open and light beech woodland.