Home Farm Business Centre

We have received Planning Permission and Building Regulation consent for the Home Farm Business Centre. We have recently completed the first stage of development which incorporates 4 additional business units to the Oakengrove Yard site.

National Field Archery Championships

The weekend of the 18/19th September saw the National Field Archery Championships being held in the woods surrounding the Home Farm. This is a family sport, which was attended by competitors of all ages from around the country. Targets representing quarry species, usually North American, are placed in the woods, 36 to a course, and positioned so as to make the judging of angles and distances as difficult as possible. Two courses were for specialists in the traditional longbow with wooden arrows, as used by Robin Hood and two for the modern composite bows with metal or carbon fibre arrows. About 500 people were based in Home Front Park, many of them camping, with the remainder coming by the day. Catering was provided by Reg & Jackie Cornthwaite and their friends and I believe Reg cooked about 500 breakfasts on the Saturday and there was a hog roast that evening.