Oddsocks Returning to Gaddesden Estate

We are very excited to be welcoming back Oddsocks Productions again this year.  The date for your diary is Tuesday 2nd July 2013.  They will be performing Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors”.

This will be Oddsocks fourth year performing at Gaddesden Estate and their comedy, enthusiasm and energy are very infectious resulting in a hilarious and lively evening for all the family set in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Oddsocks Productions have been touring family-friendly adaptions of Shakespeare every summer for the last twenty three years and 2013 will see this mad-cap, tongue in cheek company perform Shakespeare’s shortest and most farcical of comedies:

“The Comedy of Errors”

A servant and master from far off Syracuse arrive in Ephesus in search of their long-lost twin brothers.  In no time at all they are trapped in a terrifying chain of chaotic events.

Tormented by a wild wife, a moody mistress, challenged by a crazy jeweller and damned by a demonic doctor the terrified twosome run headlong into a climatic happy ending which defies all probability.

A summer Turkish delight not to be missed!