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Gaddesden Estate News February 2022

The crops continue quietly growing during the winter months. The longhorns cattle are tucked up cosily at Hawbush Farm, while the sheep are grazing in Gaddesden Park and on the clover/ryegrass leys in the fields destined for organic conversion.
The spring barley seed we saved from harvest 2021 has been dressed ready for sowing this year.
Grain lorries have been collecting last year’s produce and almost all the oats have now been moved.
Hedge cutting has finished in accordance with the programme, prior to the official completion date of the end of February. This is to avoid disturbance to nesting farmland birds.
Estate maintenance
We have planted a new beech hedge in the car park at Whitehouse Farm Business Centre and we are currently refurbishing the garden at the Home Farm House, which is also being redecorated before being re-let.
Contractors have removed much of the old asbestos-cement roofing at the Home Farm and re-clad the lean-to on the big Dutch barn at the Home Farm.
We have received the Felling Licence from the Forestry Commission to fell all the diseased ash trees in New Gorse and this work is planned to take place in the summer when the ground should be dry enough.
Horses and Ride
There is little to record, though in a few weeks we will be beginning the annual maintenance of the paddocks, ride and jumps.
Water meadows and tracks
As usual we will be closing access to the water meadows and tracks for 36 hours in mid-March, though not of course public rights of way.
Platinum Jubilee
We are in contact with Great Gaddesden Parish Council about having a bonfire in the Park on June 2nd as our contribution to the chain of beacons for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.